Ultimate guide to Chaturbate

The Ultimate Chaturbate Cams A-Z Users Guide

Welcome again. I am former Chaturbate cam girl SummerNights and I will serve as your guide on the ins and outs of using chaturbate.com.

See how chatterbait REALLY works, and I mean every last detail!

First, let’s talk about Chaturbate tags which are the words with hash symbols in front of them along the top of the Chaturbate site just under the main categories.

chaturbate tags
This is how chaturbate tags work.

Yes, first Chaturbate has tabs called female, male, couple, and trans as well as spy shows. 99% of Chaturbate users don’t realize that Chaturbate spy shows are just people who are already in a private session whereby for a set rate you can watch; hence spy on a sex cam show.

Navigating Chaturbate: How it Works

Anyway, there are hundreds of chaturbate tags and chaturbate moved them around on the home page based on which ones are most popular. At the time of writing this the 5 most popular Chaturbate tags were #asian,  #bigboobs, #hairy, #18, and #Mature. That is oftentimes the case as these chaturbate categories are where most performers can easily fall into. Random things like Chaturbate office just continue to develop over time.

Keep in mind that the content found under these categories can be open to interpretation and is not exact.

I think this chaturbate search feature alone will open a whole new world of fun on chaturbate.com for most users.

For example, there are entire followings of people focused on chaturbate pantyhose cams and weird stuff like milk and ahegao cams. See what I mean by clicking here to see Chaturbate ahegao cams.

If you are not familiar with that that is, it’s a facial expression rooted in Hentai which came from illustrative orgasm depictions of females rolling their eyes back while sticking their tongue out.  There are lots of unique Chaturbate tags that have become the go-to place for live fetish porn. The reason why is of course since Chaturbate has become one of the least restrictive and most open cam girl sites on the web today.

chaturbate search
chaturbate search functionality is deeper than most other cybersex sites once you fix our which buttons do what.

Now if you were paying close attention you would have noticed two things.

First of all, the top rooms (which means the cam models with the most viewers are ranked in order there) and the total number of viewers across that tag as well as the number of rooms is displayed.

However, chaturbate has tabs above that for tags for female, male, couples, and trans as well. This of course means you can go to the Chaturbate female tags, choose a tag, and hover on that model to see who is the top model by tag at any minute of every day. Most users don’t realize Chaturbate search is so in-depth as no other webcam site allows this sort of browsing and search functionality.

Chaturbate Tags are the Real Secret to Search

Let’s take a closer look.

This is a chaturbate female tags search example with a screenshot to illustrate how to do it.

chaturbate female tags
chaturbate female tags search

As you can see by taking some time to really understand how Chaterbate search works you can have more luck finding webcam girls that you are attracted to. The same goes for men. I have a major crush on chubby blond cam girls and I found emilyjoneschat this way.

If you want to know a little piece of trivia, Chaturbate young is one of the top categories on the site but Chaturbate milf and Chaturbate German is even popular. Somehow age seems to be a fixation more than looks.

chaturbate mobile search
Chaturbate mobile search functionality varies from the desktop, but the buttons on the bottom of the site are most commonly used and more visible on smartphones.

As you can see in the image screenshot here there are 5 header categories visible on both Chaturbate mobile and desktop along the bottom of the screen. These are:

  • Free Cams
  • Free Cams By Age
  • Free Cams By Region
  • Free Cams by Status
  • Private Shows

Category headers are merely descriptors and not clickable but under these tabs, you can select from the real chaturbate categories. For those that prefer to browse page by page (which accounts for most people), these are the most popular ways, people navigate Chatterbate.

Categories Offer Lots of Depth

By the way, I intentionally misspell the site name because it has such a cult following under these monikers!

Let’s move on and discuss the least used but most useful tab on Chaturbate home page; the ‘followed tab’.

chaturbate followed tab
This is how the chaturbate followed tab works.

What is so awesome about the Chaturbate followed tab is that over time you can simply click follow on any cam girls show and those models will populate under this tab when they are online.

This is the coolest aspect of Chaturbate and how it is so social compared to other cybersex sites. If you are logged in and click the, ‘show all’ button from the image above you will be taken to /followed-cams on Chaturbate and there you will a display of the chaturbate girls that you follow and whether they are private or available. try it button

Remember, just because a cam girl on Chaturebate is marked in private that does not mean you can’t see her live cam.

So many guys are unaware of the fact that they can watch cam girls perform for other guys if they click on a chaturbate cam girl who is marked ‘in private’ in red. Even your followed cam girls are marked like this when in private. It’s pretty neat!

chaturbate spy shows
Chaturbate spy shows are really just a way to peer into a cam girls performance for another person.

It’s not that complicated at all, but when a Chaturbate cam girls picture shows as, ‘in private’ lots of guys take that to mean they’re unavailable; which is only sorta true. If you are using the, followed section and wanting to engage with one of your favorite chaturbate models this is a neat way to see another side of the girl.

Chaturbate Spy Cams are Under Utilized

Perhaps she told you what she likes but when you use chaturbate spy cams you might see her really enjoying something totally different.

Anyway, it’s a really neat and underutilized feature of Chaturbate.com.

chaturbate spy cams
Not as many people use chaturbate spy cams because they are not aware of how it all works.

It’s pretty wild how many people are not hip to Chaturbate spy cams, but once you click on an, ‘in private’ chaturbate cam girl and then ‘decline’ you see the tab for, ‘spy shows’ populate which displays models on chaturbate who allow private cam show spying. This only happens if you are logged in and already a user.

Don’t worry users can’t see you unless you are using Chaturbate cam to cam.

spy cams
Not many people talk about Chaturbate as a spy cams site but the fact remains it is the largest spy cams site on the planet!

Anyway, now you know that spy cams really are a bigger deal on Chatterbait than you may have ever realized.

I will be back to fill you in on more ins and outs of using hat Chaturbate.com  soon enough.

Until then have a fun and safe time using best cybersex sites.

try it button

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